Refurbish your LCD's with us and get a great quality. 

1) Ship the items to us to the following address: MB Market PO Box 814, Oregon House, CA 95962. If you are shipping more than     20 LCDs from the US we will pay for your shipping label.  
2) Once we receive the screens, we will test them within 1-2 business days and let you know the results.
3) We will send you a detailed report of how many LCDs can be refurbished and how much it will cost.
4) Once you confirm that we should proceed with the refurbishing, we will send you an invoice via PayPal or other payment methods.
5) After we receive the payment we will recondition your LCDs within 1-5 days, depending on the quantity ordered.  
6) Once we finish refurbishing the LCDs, we will ship your screens back to you to the shipping address provided.

Notes: Upon your request, we can ship back to you the broken (not accepted for refurbishing) LCDs. We will hold your LCDs for 7 days before disposing of them. If you request a video recording please let us know within 7-10 days.


iPhone 6 Plus 18
iPhone 6S 22
iPhone 6S Plus 24
iPhone 7 28
iPhone 7 Plus 30
iPhone 8 32
iPhone 8 Plus 37
iPhone X  90-125
iPad Air 2  80-90
iPad Pro 9.7 80
iPad Mini 4  75
Samsung s8  75
Samsung s8+  80
Samsung Note 8 85